Landmark Place, Brisbane

The challenge of this project, (completed October 2016) was to replace 600kW of air cooled DX plant with new water cooled chilled water plant, incl. 4 off AHUs, over a weekend. To facilitate this we built a complete skid based pre-fabricated solution off site.

The skid comprises: Dunham-Bush 600 kW VSD screw chiller

Pumps with integrated VSD

MSSB incl. BMS controls

Automatic chilled water make up system

Cooling tower chemical treatment system

Side stream filtration system

Chemical dosing

Cooling tower VSD

Expansion vessel

Maintenance power points

Water tap, flowmeters, sensors

The plant was turned off on Friday afternoon we lifted the old plant off on Saturday morning and lifted the skid on and turned back on again on Sunday afternoon at 2pm. The plant has been running faultlessly since installation.